Building a bright future together

Kathryn's Class

Our class is Foundation 2 and our home is at the very end of the blue corridor – a very long walk for little legs!

I am Kathryn McClean, the teacher of the class and my trusty team is composed of two lovely ladies; Vic Davis and Vicky McDowell!

We have 7 super pupils aged 5 & 6, each one bringing their own unique, fun and loveable characteristics to make one big happy class J

Every day is a busy day in Kathryn’s class from 9am when the first pupil arrives to 1.45pm when the last bus leaves! The pupils are always keen to get stuck in and enjoy lots of learning through play and developing their social skills with both the adults and their friends in class.

We are an enthusiastic bunch and enjoy everything we do in school, but some of our favourites have to be climbing, swinging and sliding in the fire engine playground, building and splashing in the sand and water playground and riding the donkeys when we visit the Donkey Sanctuary – every day is a fun day! J