Building a bright future together

Rachael & Victoria's Class 

Hello from Rachael’s Class
Welcome to Rachael’s class, we are a happy gang called Nathan, Kirsten, Natasha, Jack, Christopher, Andre, Jacob and Lucy.
Our classroom is right at the top of the Purple corridor and we are part of the Multisensory Department.Lucy enjoys our Monday PE session with the other pupils and staff. This involves parachute games, wheelchair dancing or themed relay games. We love music and singing in our class, with Kirsten and Christopher being members of the school choir, who practice every Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday involves a trip to Hydrotherapy, a favourite for Natasha and Andre. Great pals, Nathan and Jack love a Thursday when we take turns to go on an educational outing, perhaps bowling or a nice spring walk or even a Christmas shopping trip, who knows? When Friday comes we go to Assembly in the morning and to end the week the staff and pupils enjoy a Snoezelen. Were we listen to relaxing music and sometimes get as hand or foot massage, a perfect way to end our week.
Every term the Multisensory Department follow a theme to complement our learning, themes can include a picnic, space or even fairy tales. We finish the term off with a huge themed party, were all the staff and pupils dress up, play games and we have a great time.