Building a bright future together

Dawn's class

We are primary 2 and live in the yellow corridor.

My name is Dawn Long (I usually get the full title from pupils & staff alike!) and my classroom assistants are Kyra Stewart, Rachel Graham & Lauren McCarter. Both Lauren & Kyra are job share so Whitney Long & Emma Walsh are also classroom assistant on certain days (Whitney-Monday & Friday /Emma- Thursday & Friday). This may seem complicated but we find it works really well and provides the pupil with additional experiences of change, tolerance, social opportunities and the occasions to generalise skills with a number of staff members.

Our merry bunch of class mates are a group of eight very individual boys aged between 7 & 8.

Dylan. Michael, Owen & Ryan are all 8. They now stay in school until 3pm and are enjoying the longer day in school with lots of fun activities.

Leon, Riley, Darwin & Callum are still 7 and so go home at 1.30. As the year progresses they will stay later with everyone staying to 3 in September.

They’re a lively bunch of lads and keep us all on our toes. We all like different things but everyone’s favourite is playtime in the big playground, Interactive Whiteboard games and singalong.