Building a bright future together

Claire Conway's Class


Welcome to Secondary 1. There are 9 pupils in our class. We have a busy school week and enjoy lots of activities both in school and in the local community.


Tor Bank School is having lots of events this year for its 50th Anniversary.  Each department is focusing on a different decade within the past 50 years and the Secondary department’s is the 1990s.


Here are some of the things we like to do during our school week:

  • On Mondays we enjoy Art activities, Music and Drama.                      
  • On Tuesdays we have Rugby or the Gym and then we go to ASDA to buy ingredients for cookery.                        
  • On Wednesdays we all love cookery; making and eating lots of yummy foods. In the afternoon we go to a variety of different clubs including football, table tennis and computer club.     
  • Thursdays are great because we go swimming at Aurora in Bangor. We are always very hungry afterwards so we get our lunch upstairs in the cafe!                                          
  • On Friday we go to Secondary and Sixth Form assembly and enjoy discussion time in the afternoon; usually over a cup of tea and a bun!                   

We have been very busy in S1 with our accreditation for CCEA.  In Home Management, we have learnt how to separate washing into whites and coloureds and how to use the washing machine in school.  After the gym each week we take it in turns to wash and dry all our gear.  As part of our shopping module, we go to ASDA each week to buy snack and cookery ingredients.  Here are some out.  For Mother’s Day, in cookery, we made special buns and put them in lovely boxes to take home.