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Laura and Robyn's Class

Welcome to Foundation 1!

Welcome to our class!

Our Foundation Class is made up of 8 fantastic pupils, 5 boys and 3 girls, aged 4-5 years of age. We enjoy learning through play and our senses and will be exploring our annual topic ‘Seasons & Stories’ throughout the year. Having returned to Tor Bank for the new school year, after an extended period away from the school setting due to Covid-19, we will also be working on re-establishing our lovely friendships and enjoying companionship with our friends again… and what better way than through play! We enjoy daily structured play-based learning within the classroom setting and out in our fantastic outdoor play/ learning area and also really liking expressing ourselves with music & movement sessions. We are working hard on developing our personal, social and communication skills through our daily Circle Time, snack-time, lunch-time and hygiene routines, and also enjoy our frequent Attention Autism sessions, TAC PAC sensory-based lessons and topic based activities that involve hands-on learning through literacy, numeracy, art, cookery and physical-development activities. Each pupil has a unique and wonderful personality and a smile that lights-up the room and the staff team love to provide fun and engaging learning activities that help the pupils meet their individual potential. Look on our section of the website for our monthly newsletters and photo-pages to see what we are getting up to and how we are growing and learning throughout the school year!

World Book Day 2021


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