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Hannah's Class

Welcome to Foundation3! 

We are part of the lovely group in Blue Corridor, where we are very busy and enthusiastic about our learning!  My name is Hannah Cairnduff and I am the teacher in Foundation 3 and our team is made up of Jannette Hammond, Natasha Hunter, Marzia Perfetto and Sharon Cooper. 

Our class is made up of 9 busy boys aged between 6 and 8!  We are a very social bunch and love to play together both inside and outside.  Each pupil is a valued member of our class and brings lots of personality (and mischief) to our learning!

In Foundation 3 we love the opportunity to use our creative and imaginative play skills, the messier the better!  But most of all we love getting the chance to explore our fabulous outdoor learning areas including the Fire Engine Playground and the Sand and Water space.  We are all excited to see what this year holds and have got off to a lovely start so far! Watch this space for photos and information on what has been happening in our room.



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Halloween Fun in Foundation 3 :)  Happy Half Term Everyone