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Jade's Class

Welcome to our class! 

Our Foundation class is made up of three brilliant pupils, three boys aged 6-7: Nathan, Thomas and Micah. Our annual topic this year is ‘Seasons and Stories’ and we will enjoy learning about this through play and through our senses. Having started at Tor Bank after some time away from the school setting this year, we are eager to get started again and can’t wait to play together and have fun with our friends. We enjoy our daily structured play session and love getting outdoors for our daily mile. We’ll be working hard this year on developing our personal development and communication skills through Circle Time and daily routines and we also love our regular Attention Autism and music & movement sessions! We’re doing lots of active, hands-on learning in literacy, numeracy, art, cookery, world around us and physical development.

 We’re all full of personality and always laughing and smiling in school. Make sure to check back throughout the year and look at our monthly newsletters and photos to see what we’re getting up to and view all our progress!


Our Newsletters

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Nov-Dec Newsletter

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