Building a bright future together

 Jenni's Class

Welcome to Foundation 2, we are a lively class consisting of 6 boys and 1 girl aged 5, 6 and 7 years old! Our class team consists of myself, Jenni (teacher) and classroom assistants: Lisa, Lynn and Nicola.

Here in Foundation 2 we love to play in the outside sand and water area! The benefits of sand and water play are numerous and far reaching including the development of fine motor skills, promoting creativity and developing and extending vocabulary, however, most importantly it allows the pupils an opportunity to practise and experiment in a fun, relaxed environment.

 Another favourite place to learn is the topic related role play area! Dramatic play helps the pupils develop the ability to coordinate and plan with others as well as control their impulses and is a great stepping stone for learning to self-regulate their emotions and actions. Dramatic play also teaches and encourages expressive language as the pupils are motivated to communicate their wishes to their peers and therefore must learn to speak from the perspective of their pretend roles. Finally, dramatic play is often a very comfortable place for children who are shy or withdrawn to participate in a group.

 Every day is busy in our class and we encourage independence and autonomous learning across all the curriculum areas through providing a stimulating and hands on learning environment!