Building a bright future together

Lauren Reaney's Class

Welcome to Lauren's Class! Our class has 7 lovely busy boys aged between 7-8 years old. To help Lauren there are 5 wonderful assistants: Faye, Daniel, Carlie, David and Alanna. We are so happy to all be back in the classroom and are spending time building relationships, making new friends, getting into a good school routine and most of all enjoying time together. This year our topic is 'Seasons and Stories' and we can't wait to learn through a range of hands on, play-based and sensory activities.

Our week flies by - we enjoy taking part in a range of lessons such as literacy, numeracy, cookery, art, topic work, PE. We also are working hard developing our communication skills using our words, PIXON and PECS.

We are looking forward to an exciting year in Lauren's Class! We hope you enjoy looking at our monthly newsletters and photo-pages to see what we’ve been learning and all the fun that we’ve been having!


Meet the Boys 


Messy Play and Outdoor Fun! 


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