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Sarah's Class

Welcome to Transition Class!

In our class, we have 6 boys and 1 girl. We also have lots of adults that help us to learn and play, they are called Sarah, Nicola, Lynn and Lisa.

This will be our second year together as a class and we are already such great friends. We all love being in school together and enjoy all the great things we can get up to in Tor Bank. Our favourite activity is Sand and Water, however sometimes it feels a bit more like swimming (we are not afraid of a bit of mess in this room)!

We love following our schedules to see what new and exciting things we can get up to each day, such as; structured play, art, roleplay, construction, numeracy, literacy or sensory stories.

All of us are turning 8 this year which means we will start to stay until 3 o’clock after our birthdays! We are excited about joining in on clubs, singalong and using the big playground when we stay.

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