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We are Multisensory 2 and we are made up of 7 amazing pupils aged 8 years to 11 years! Our class team is made up of our teacher Nikki and our 3 classroom assistants, Alison, Hannah and Llewellyn.

We are always a super busy class with lots of fun and interactive learning going on! We enjoy our daily activities such as hello time and our different weekly activities such as art and craft, attention autism and our favourite: MESSY PLAY! The messier the better!

We also love our different sensory activities in our class including story massage, Tac Pac, sensology, and sensory stories - anything with music and lights is always a hit with us!

MS2 to the rescue!!!!

Our topic for this term is SUPERHEROES!! We are very excited to explore the sensory world of how to save the day! We will be focusing on our choice making skills, gross and fine motor skills, communication skills and personal development through completing lots of different superhero sensory activities!

In Art we will be making superhero sensory bags, superhero cuffs, superhero masks and our very own hulk hand!

We are looking forward to exploring lots of different materials and textures in our favourite lesson: messy play! This term we will be diving our hands and feet into superhero sensory bins and seeing how far our we can shoot our Spiderman silly string! (We are especially looking forward to that one!)

We also have a superhero singalong, story massage, music activity, sensory story and our new FABULOUS Friday's where we celebrate how amazing each of our pupils are! (Because we are of course ALL amazing!!!)

This term will also see us dive into the sensory world of autumn with our songs, messy play, art activities and sensory walks around the school grounds!

AND......on top of all that we will be celebrating some of our friends birthdays this term! Joshua will be turning 9 in September, Ava will be turning 11 in November and Erin will be turning 11 in December! You know what that means....PPPPPPAAAAAARRRTTTTYYYYY! We do love a party in MS2!

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