Building a bright future together

Rachael & Victoria's Class


Welcome to Multisensory 4


There are 7 pupils in our room.

And 6 members of staff…

Teachers: Rachael and Victoria

Classroom Assistants: Dorinda, Caroline, Natalie and Emma


All our multi-sensory experiences throughout the year will be linked to the following topics:

Term 1 – Space

Term 2 – Pirates

Term 3 – Olympics


And here are some of the things we like to do during the week:

Monday – Take Ten, Hello Time, PE, Sensory Story

Tuesday – Take Ten, Hello Time, Sling-a-long, Art & Craft

Wednesday – Take Ten, Hello Time, Sensology, Outside Play

Thursday – Take Ten, Hello Time, Asdan, Attention Autism

Friday – Assembly, Take Ten, Communication Groups, Snoezelen