Building a bright future together

Hello and Welcome to our class, we are a happy bunch of pupils and staff who have enjoyed getting back to school this year. Our teacher is Anna Logan, and our assistant Connlaith, Kathy, Laura, Michael and Robert.

Our classroom is in the orange corridor, and we enjoy doing lots of interesting and exciting activities.

On Monday we learn about helping people through our Topic work. Tuesday is a tasty day when we cook some  snacks. Wednesday involves going to the  gym, enjoying Attention Autism and clubs in the afternoon.  On Thursdays we  love to go swimming at Auroa swimming pool.   Finally on Friday we go to assembly,  and love soft play, before learning to use our free time constructively.

We hope you enjoy looking at  our web page and come back and visit often.

Here are  a few photos of the activities we have taken part in this year so far ......

This term in Science, we have been exploring things that melt and freeze.

Here you can see the methods we used to rescue  Santa from an ice block.  We used hot water sprays, warm water from a cup, we added salt to the ice block, we bashed it with a rolling pin and a spoon. It was soo big and took a long time to melt.

Finally, we couldn't wait any longer we took it outside and smashed it on the ground!!!!!!