Building a bright future together

Claire Conway's Class

Welcome to Sixth Form-Claire’s Class. Our class team is made up of myself (Claire), Rosemary, Jenni, Mouloud and Lauren. There are five pupils in the class; David, Dylan, Joanne, Maddie and Nicole. We are a lively and fun-loving bunch who enjoy a wide range of class activities but also have time within our busy weekly programme to join with our friends in other classes and departments for joint activities such as P.E., Communication Groups, Sing-Along and Assembly. In addition, we keep busy throughout the year working on our accreditation portfolios. This term we are completing a Horticulture module.

During the year we will cover a number of topics. This term we are incorporating all things ‘Space’ into our work. We are learning, through a range of sensory experiences, all about Space. We are reading Space stories, getting messy with Space art and craft activities and listening to Space-themed music such as ‘The Planets’ Suite’ by Holst and the ‘Star Wars’ theme by John Williams to give you a little clue as to what we will be getting up to.

Throughout the year this page will keep you updated with stories and photos about our goings-on in class and beyond. We hope you enjoy it.

Accreditation- Horticulture Module


As part of our accreditation, we are completing a Horticulture module in class this term. As well as growing bulbs for presents, we have been looking at different horticulture jobs, tools used for gardening and how to stay safe when in the garden.

First of all we watched videos to show us what type of jobs there are to do in the garden, how to do then safely and what tools you would use.

Then we sorted pictures of different jobs into ones that are done in the garden and ones that aren’t.