Building a bright future together

Dundonald PS and Longstone link


Over the past number of years pupils from our Foundation and Primary departments have enjoyed participating in a link programme with a P2 class and a P7 class from Dundonald Primary School. From January to June each school year the groups have met once per month to take part in a range of activities such as sports, construction, drama, music and relaxation. Pupils also enjoy a shared break together which provides lovely opportunities to develop all our communication skills, and to make some new friends.


This year we are very excited to have been able to extend this link to include pupils from Longstone School. We met in January for a successful and busy introduction day when we learnt some Makaton signs and played some games together. In February we  celebrated Chinese New Year, pancake day and Valentine's Day (all in one day!) and at our most recent session we were learning how to be fabulous actors and actresses with Debutots. 


Watch this space to see what we get up to next!!