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‘Big Bedtime Read’


Once again, this year we are delighted to be taking part in the ‘Big Bedtime Read’ project as part of the Early Intervention Transformation Programme ‘Getting Ready to Learn’ scheme for Nursery age pupils.

The main focus of the ‘Getting Ready to Learn’ project is to ‘develop and support parents’ awareness of the importance of reading to children’, to ‘encourage them to read regularly to their children’ and to emphasize reading as part of ‘good bedtime routines’.

Bed time can be a great time to snuggle up together and enjoy exploring other worlds in the pages of books. A time to share thoughts and emotions and communicate with each other in a special way. At Tor Bank however, we understand that it takes more than a good book to engage our pupils and that sitting down for a story, or coping with the bedtime routine, can be challenging for some children.

To enable us to effectively support and partner with our Nursery & ‘Tor Bank Tots’ parents, we are offering a ‘Home Lending Library’, not only of books but of a wide range of story-boxes, with props, sensory items and visuals. We hope this will help our Nursery & ‘Tor Bank Tots’ children get the most from the stories and enable them to really enjoy their early shared-reading experiences with their loved ones.  

We are aware that each child has their own individual interests, experiences and styles of communication and that parents are the ultimate expert on them. We are therefore offering our Lending Library within ‘drop-in’ sessions throughout the year so that parents can discuss their individual child’s interests and needs with Tor Bank staff if they so wish.

We are very excited to have this opportunity to work with parents and really hope to see you at the Tor Bank Family Centre on the dates outlined below.

Tor Bank Big Bedtime Read

10-11am & 1.00-2.00pm

Story Box Themes



‘Snooze’ books



‘Snooze’ books



‘Snooze’ books



‘Snooze’ books

Fairy tales


‘Snooze’ books

Spring & Farm


‘Snooze’ books

Spring & Mini-beasts

The World Around Me – transport & Travel



‘Snooze’ books

Summer & Under the Sea



Parent feedback sessions with coffee and buns J

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A snuggly 'Snooze Book' story box to enjoy at bedtime
A snuggly 'Snooze Book' story box to enjoy at bedtime
A topical story box to develop awareness of Autumn
A topical story box to develop awareness of Autumn