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Shared Education link with Dundonald PS and Longstone School


This year we are delighted to have received funding to support our Shared Education partnership with Dundonald PS and Longstone School.  Shared Education enables schools from different sectors to work in partnership to provide opportunities for pupils, staff and community to engage in collaborative and meaningful learning experiences. The Education Authority (EA) has been working with its partner Léargas since September 2017 to deliver the Collaboration and Sharing in Education Project, funded under the PEACE IV programme to the amount of €28.9 million. This project is supported by the European Union's PEACE Programme, managed by the Special EU Programme Body.

We have a fantastic virtual program planned for our young people this year which includes art, music, drama, and gardening. We aim to come together online once a month and share our news, a story/song before we go off in our class bubbles to complete that session's activity. At the end of the session we come together again on our Interactive Whiteboards to share what we did. 

Whilst we are delighted to be able to continue our partnership this year using our virtual platform we can't wait until we can all visit each other's schools again!