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Occupational Therapy at Tor Bank School

Occupational therapy in Tor Bank School works in partnership and collaboration with Education.  Therapy is delivered within an integrated and collaborative framework where the individual needs of the children are addressed. Joint targets are set with Education and therapy is very much part of the school day.

This may be different to previous experience of OT in community setting.  This may often have been a stand alone service or therapy, based in a specialized centre.

Therapy in school is part of a team approach and aims in whatever form to help the child access the curriculum to the best of their ability.  

Therapy can be delivered by:

  • Individual  sessions

  • Group sessions

  • Class based group sessions

  • Advise and liaison with the  wider team

Children may therefore be seen regularly for short periods or on a review basis for a longer period of time.

Therapy may also be carried out in the classroom by education staff.

Children may require a break form therapy to consolidate skills.


Occupational Therapists can help with the following:

  • Development delay

  • Physical disabilities

  • Sensory disabilities

  • Motor Learning disorder

  • Hand function difficulties

  • Cognitive and perceptual problems

  • Self care activities

  • Community independence

  • Adaptations and equipment for home and school


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