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What do paediatric physiotherapy do? 


Physiotherapy is a way of  helping your child to develop his or her physical independence and helping you to help them.

Physiotherapists aim to improve the quality of life of children  and young people by promoting independence and encouraging physical fitness and well being.

 Our services caters for children and young people who have physical difficulties including movement, gait, development and respiratory disorders. 

As physiotherapists we

  • work with parents, carers ( including Classroom staff) and families to manage their child's condtion

  • carry out specialist assessments

  • provide  individual and group treatment including aquatic physiotheraphy ( Clifton School)

  • may assess for and prescribe specialist equipment

  • provide written reports  for educational statements and school annual reviews

  • provide home management programmes if necessary

  • offer home visits if appropriate e.g. to assess for equipment


In Tor Bank School when we receive a referral for your child , we will assess them to determine the level of service, if any, they require.  If physiotherapy is  indicated we will allocate them a physiotherapy package of care.  This may be a weekly individual session, group sessions, a block of therapy or advice for classroom staff.

The assessment may include their gross motor development and 24 hour postural management and can  include formal and informal assessment such as observation.

The decision whether to offer further support from physiotherapy is based on the outcome of assessment, the impact of the difficulty on the child's life and the likelihood of effecting change at this time. 

Orthotic Clinic

We also run short orthotics clinics jointly with an orthotic at school. These run every month . The orthotic service provides supportive footwear ( Piedro boots, insoles, foot splints). If your child needs an orthotic review please inform us.

Physiotherapy Staff

At present there are two part time physiotherapist and a physiotherapist assistant.

There is physiotherapy cover in school from Monday to Thursday inclusive.


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